David C. Roberts, Chair of the firm, devotes his practice to handling complex commercial litigation matters such as fraud, fraudulent transfers, trade secrets, and restrictive covenant litigation, with particular emphasis on business partnership and shareholder disputes in New Jersey.

Often called business divorce litigation, the types of business owner disputes Dave routinely handles include shareholder and LLC member oppression, business fraud, embezzlement, owner freeze-outs, dissenter’s rights cases, and suits seeking to dissociate or expel an owner from a company. He puts particular focus on attempting to resolve matters through mediation, if that approach fits the client’s goals and objectives, but is an experienced trial attorney who can effectively try your case if it can’t otherwise be resolved. In 2007, Dave launched the firm’s Shareholder Disputes in New Jersey Law Blog, “Business Divorce in NJ,” which addresses minority shareholder disputes in New Jersey. He also writes and lectures extensively on this topic.

Dave often represents a minority shareholder seeking to assert his or her rights to relief, usually seeking a forced buy-out. Just as often, though, he represents majority owners of businesses defending against such claims. This experience gives him insight into how his adversary in a case may be thinking and strategizing. Dave has handled business divorce litigation involving companies in almost every industry, including and especially family-owned businesses. Having represented so many business owners involved in lawsuits with family members, he understands the unique challenges involved in suing, or being sued by, a relative.

Due to his unique ability to help companies navigate complexity and avoid litigation, Dave has also served as outside general counsel to several small-to-midsized companies. He has served in this capacity for almost two decades for Old Bridge Chemicals and Madison Industries, two of the leading companies in the animal feed additive industry. Dave also has handled complex litigation matters for the Diocese of Metuchen.

Additionally, Dave is a founder and a former Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Monmouth Beach Education Foundation and served on the Monmouth Beach Board of Education for 12 years.

Blog - Shareholder Disputes in New Jersey

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David C. Roberts To Present “The Good, Bad & Ugly Of A Business Divorce” Seminar On April 16

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Put It In Writing

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