Cooperative ("Co-op") and Condominium Law

By way of merger with Szold & Brandwen, P.C., Norris McLaughlin has a long and illustrious history working with housing corporations. The Firm represents cooperative and affordable housing corporations as both general and special counsel, as well as luxury cooperatives and condominiums, in all facets of their operations, assisting the Boards of Directors, officers, and managers in best practices and their legal responsibilities. The attorneys assist in the negotiation and execution of all forms of contract from multimillion dollar capital projects to simple service agreements, in the review and implementation of the cooperative’s documentation such as the By-laws, Articles of Incorporation and other governing documents. They also represent cooperative clients in all forms of dispute resolution, be it administrative, litigation or arbitration in courts from Small Claims to Federal Court. The attorneys handle disputes with shareholders and prospective shareholders regarding issues from alterations and decoration to discrimination claims. When vendor disputes arise, the attorneys have vast experience in representing clients in negotiations and, if necessary, litigate. The attorneys work to create agreements and other documents to set forth the cooperative’s policies to prevent shareholder and vendor claims.

The firm has a unique and special practice in the area of the establishment of middle income and Mitchell Lama government-assisted cooperative housing. They also helped to develop New York’s legislation for cooperatives constructed with government assistance for persons of moderate income. The attorneys have represented one of the major developers of this type of housing, dealing with all relevant government agencies in the planning stage, with contractors in the construction stage, and drafting documentation governing the relationships between the cooperatives and shareholders.

A large number of Norris McLaughlin’s clients have substantial commercial tenancies and the attorneys have dealt with all areas associated with commercial tenants, leasing, renovations, service disputes, litigation, as well as related tax and regulatory issues.

The Firm’s attorneys handle all matters relating to Landlord-Tenant Court as it, in the firm’s experience, is more effective and cost-efficient than outsourcing the work to a Landlord-Tenant focused firm. The attorneys have been appearing in Housing Court for more than 25 years on issues from noise complaints to tenants in arrears, and work to resolve problems in a manner that prevents reoccurring issues and avoid Housing Court litigation.

When the client need arises, members of the Cooperative and Condominium Law Group collaborate with other practice areas in the firm including real estate, financing, corporate, general commercial, trusts & estates, and employment law.

Cooperative and condominium law attorneys are involved with the National Cooperative Business Association and the Co-op Innovation Fund, which is dedicated to broadening the use and understanding of cooperatives. The attorneys hold annual seminars for the boards, and more detailed training for new board members regarding their fiduciary duties and their role in representing the cooperative, for our cooperative clients.

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