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Jun 27, 2016

Leaders of the Senate Agriculture Committee Announce An Agreement On National GMO Labeling

With Vermont’s law on GMO labeling set to take effect next month, the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition & Forestry Committee announced on Thursday that the Senators reached an agreement on proposed legislation setting a national mandatory system for the disclosure of GMOs on labels of food products.   » Read More

Feb 29, 2016

The GMO Labeling Debate Continues

Draft federal legislation released by US Senator Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) would federalize a labeling standard for products with genetically modified organisms (GMOs).  The proposed bill would provide for voluntary rather than mandatory labeling.  This proposed legislation has caused a flurry of opposition bringing this hotly debated issue to the forefront. » Read More

Jul 02, 2015

Consumer Sues Ghirardelli Chocolate Company for Deceptive White Chocolate Labels

A Puerto Rico resident filed suit against Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, on his own behalf and on behalf of other consumers in the U.S. territories, alleging that Ghirardelli mislabeled its white chocolate products and led consumers to believe that certain products contained chocolate when in fact they contained no chocolate, white chocolate, or cocoa derivatives.  » Read More

Feb 27, 2015

Hellman’s Owner Sues Competitor Over Egg-Free “Just Mayo”

Unilever, owner of Hellman’s, challeged Hampton Creek’s egg-free mayo product, “Just Mayo” alleging that the label, which depicts a pea shoot in an egg, falsely suggests to consumers that they are buying mayonnaise, which contains eggs.  Hampton Creek replaces eggs with yellow peas in its spread and touts the product as better for your body, wallet and the planet.  » Read More

Nov 14, 2014

Supreme Court allows POM Wonderful Lanham Act suit against Coca-Cola to continue

POM Wonderful LLC, which produces POM WONDERFUL® pomegranate juice, filed suit against Coca-Cola alleging that the label of one of Coca-Colas’ juice blends, which prominently displayed pomegranates and blueberries, was false and misleading because the product contained only scant amounts of pomegranate juice and blueberry juice, less than 1% total. » Read More