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Oct 08, 2021

NYC vs Robert Lopez for His Cannabis-Themed Marks

The tide of cannabis legalization continues to sweep across the country, with both New Jersey and New York legalizing adult recreational use and starting to set up the regulatory and licensing systems to allow legal cannabis businesses. However, as previous strictures on cannabis use and commerce fall away, some cannabis entrepreneurs seem to be treating the newly legal market as a wild frontier, especially for trademarks. » Read More

Sep 03, 2021

Belmora Petitions for Supreme Court Review of FLANAX Decision

Product brands, and the trademarks that define them, are often divided along national borders. This is why Smarties® candies in the U.S. and Smarties® candies in the rest of the world are completely different products from different producers. Even a brand like Budweiser® beer is sold under a different name in Europe because a Czech brewer has the rights to that mark in the E.U. » Read More

Aug 27, 2021

Ben & Jerry’s Opposes Marijuana Company’s Pending Applications for HALF-BAKED Trademark

Last month, Ben & Jerry’s filed a notice of opposition with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (“TTAB”) against two applications seeking to register the trademark HALF-BAKED for bakery items that include cookies, brownies, and cakes, among other treats, as well as dessert beverages infused with coffee and chocolate. » Read More

Aug 13, 2021

Commercial General Liability Coverage for Trademark and Copyright Claims

As a business owner, you regularly assess the risks associated with your business and how to limit exposure. Almost all business activities carry some risk of liability and the possibility of being named as a defendant in a lawsuit. One of the first questions asked when that situation arises is whether the company’s insurance policy will cover the claims asserted. » Read More

Aug 06, 2021

Capturing All the Dimensions: Intellectual Property Protection for 3-D Designs and 3-D Printing Methods

Three-dimensional (“3-D”) printing is an innovative way to make products without the expense of machinery in factories. At its core, 3-D printing uses computer code in a computer-aided design (CAD) file to instruct specially designed printers to print three-dimensional physical objects one layer at a time. » Read More

Jun 11, 2021

Intellectual Property: What Are the Differences between Patent, Trademark, and Copyright?

While every business recognizes the need to protect its intellectual property, it’s easy to get confused about what each type of intellectual property protects. Even major newspapers often get it wrong, saying a company has a patent on using a word or copyright on a technique or process. » Read More

Jun 04, 2021

CAUTION: Trademark Scams Continue

Scammers haven’t stopped sending our clients fake trademark renewal notices, bilking them of thousands of dollars. For this reason, I am posting an updated version of my original blog post, “Beware the Trademark Scammers,” to help you differentiate between legitimate reminders and the many trademark scams being perpetrated by those out to steal your money. » Read More