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Oct 03, 2018

Are Conversations from Beyond the Grave Admissible in Estate Litigation?

Following our post about vampire blogs, as the calendar turns to October and we approach Halloween, we’ll take a quick look at another other-worldly topic: how the decedent’s voice is admissible in estate litigation from beyond the grave.

Parties and other witnesses in estate litigation will frequently rely on or reference conversations they claim to have had with the deceased; and the attorney who drafted the document at issue, such as the decedent’s will or trust, is often viewed as a critical witness.  » Read More

Mar 13, 2017

Does The Executor Of A Will Have The Right To Make Funeral Arrangements For The Decedent?

Although the intuitive response to that question would likely be “yes,” that would be incorrect in many circumstances.  New Jersey Law provides that a person may, in a Will, appoint someone to control their funeral and disposition of their remains.  The person appointed can be someone other than the Executor. » Read More