Businesses throughout the nation, and particularly in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, are subject to a web of federal, state, and local environmental and safety legislation and regulation that is constantly expanding in scope and complexity. Our environmental law attorneys who have been recognized by Chambers USA as a leader in New Jersey, provide a wide range of counseling and litigation services in this challenging area which include:

  • Representation in administrative and judicial proceedings before state and federal courts and agencies including NJDEP, EPA, OSHA, the Corps of Engineers and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Participation in the transfer of property under New Jersey’s Industrial Site Recovery Act (“ISRA”) which may include investigating contamination, working with environmental consultants on a remediation plan, preparing and filing proper ISRA forms, and drafting environmental provisions to be included in agreements and disclosure documents
  • Serving as special environmental counsel in multi-million dollar tender offers, mergers and acquisitions, asset transfers and real estate transactions
  • Litigating matters arising out of the generation, storage, discharge or release of hazardous substances, including representation under “CERCLA” or “Superfund”
  • Defending Natural Resource Damage claims, as well as actions filed by adjoining, predecessor, and successor property owners alleging physical injuries, emotional distress or lost property values
  • Resolving matters involving air emissions (particularly volatile organic compounds), wastewater discharges, noise pollution, and responses to spill events
  • Providing counseling involving underground storage tank law
  • Obtaining necessary environmental permits and approvals for hazardous waste storage, transportation, and disposal
  • Assisting clients with Brownfields reclamation
  • Assisting lenders in assessing environmental risk associated with certain properties
  • Conducting environmental audits of plants and operations
  • Advising environmental engineers and consultants with regard to their potential liability and representing them in professional malpractice claims
  • Complying with the reporting and disclosure requirements imposed by OSHA and the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (“SARA”)
  • Representing owners and users of property in due diligence, permitting and enforcement matters pertaining to wetlands, flood hazard areas, coastal programs, tidelands, stormwater, and water quality management

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