Solutions, Not Problems

Litigation is an unpleasant reality in business and, sometimes, one’s personal life.  You need attorneys who listen, understand, and are on your side; who value excellence and professionalism; who can be trusted with fair and prudent billing; and who quickly respond to you; who give you the attention and respect you deserve.

We are those attorneys.

Our singular focus is meeting your goals and objectives based on counsel, options, strategies, and consideration of anticipated costs that we will discuss together.  You will not be an outsider.  Once we reach consensus on the way forward, whether going to trial or settlement, we will do so with your full participation and input.

These are the core values of our firm and our litigation attorneys, values that have earned us the loyalty and respect of clients, peers, and community for over six decades.

Our role is being part of the solution, not the problem.

Knowing You and Your Business

We strive to know you and your business well to develop a long-term relationship, earning your trust.  We have many clients who over the years have appreciated our knowledge of their business or companies, products, concerns, aspirations, and how their industries function.  This knowledge has helped us win at trial or successfully resolve disputes though settlement.


We represent individual and business clients in a wide variety of industries and personal matters in state and federal courts in the United States and in domestic and international arbitrations.  Through our domestic and international legal networks, our geographic reach is extensive, far beyond the three states where we have offices.

Our technical and industry-specific experience, knowledge of courts and judges, and trial and appellate experience, combined with the strengths and skills of our business group, deliver the exceptional service you expect.

Reasonableness and Efficiency

We also reflect our core values through reasonableness and efficiency—candor with you about the strengths and weaknesses of the case; fair and efficient billing practices that should not discourage you from talking to us; alternative fee structures; and whether a case merits being taken to trial or being resolved through alternative dispute resolution.

We invest in state-of-the-art technology to be effective and successful.  Document management, mobile applications, evidence databases, remote and portal access, multimedia presentations, and video conferencing enhance and support our efforts.

Our Core Litigation Strengths

The Bottom Line

We are the kind of different law firm you seek—a firm that focuses on solutions, not problems.

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