Insurance Coverage

Norris McLaughlin, P.A. insurance law attorneys devote significant portions of their time to insurance-related matters and have, as a result, acquired a level of expertise that enables them to deal with complex insurance issues efficiently and effectively. Because we have years of experience working with insurance companies, the firm is able to effectively negotiate coverage disputes in an effort to resolve coverage issues without the need for litigation. When resolution of coverage cannot be reached, the firm has extensive experience in coverage litigation which allows us to litigate these lawsuits in an aggressive, yet efficient and cost-effective manner. We practice in all state and federal courts in New Jersey , and regularly supervise litigation in many other jurisdictions in the United State as well. Our breadth and depth of experience enables us to respond quickly, even in complex cases.

Catastrophic Events

Norris McLaughlin, P.A. attorneys have gained unique experience by assisting clients with unfortunate catastrophic losses and insurance claims, such as the business losses and claims arising out of Hurricane Andrew in Florida, Hurricane Hugo in the Caribbean, and most recently, Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf states, and those arising out of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and the subsequent collapse of the World Trade Center towers.

Our attorneys are prepared to assist commercial clients that have sustained significant property damage, business income, extra expenses and other business losses insured under business insurance coverages or flood insurance coverages in place under the National Flood Insurance Program, or that have sustained uninsured losses for which there may be recovery from FEMA and other sources.

The insurance law attorneys at Norris McLaughlin, P.A. provide claims advisory and comprehensive consulting services for all lines of insurance claims through a network of claims adjusters, forensic accountants, contractors, engineers and other claims professionals. Our claims professionals can help meet the challenges of resolving the claims and quieting the turmoil created in the wake of catastrophic events. At the same time, we can help level the insurance claims playing field that will be presented by the experienced team of claims representatives that the insurers will have on the scene.


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