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David C. Roberts To Present “The Good, Bad & Ugly Of A Business Divorce” Seminar On April 16

David C. Roberts and Norris McLaughlin, P.A., cordially invite you to a complimentary breakfast seminar that will explain your rights as a shareholder. You may feel your business partner is defrauding you by taking too much money and using the company as a personal piggy bank.  Or, you may simply feel kept in the dark, marginalized, and left out in the cold.  If you are having a dispute of any kind with your co-owner(s), whether you are in the minority, a co-equal 50/50 owner, or even a majority owner who wants to learn more about what not to do, this seminar will help you understand your rights and remedies, and will answer any questions you may have, including:

  • What, exactly, is “shareholder oppression”?
  • Does a member of an LLC have the same minority rights as a shareholder in a corporation?
  • Does a 50% owner have the same rights as a minority member?
  • What should I do if I believe my business partner is stealing from me?
  • What are my rights if I have been fired as an employee, but they won’t pay me for my shares?
  • What records am I allowed to demand? How can I get them?
  • What limits, if any, exist regarding the majority owner’s compensation?
  • What do I do if I suspect I’m being “ripped off,” but I don’t really have any proof – yet?
  • If I am “oppressed,” what remedies do I have?
  • How do I find a valuation expert to value my shares?
  • Is there value in hiring a forensic accountant to review the company’s books?
  • Are my rights limited by a shareholder agreement or an operating agreement?
  • What happens if my company is family owned? If I sue a close relative, can I justify it to the rest of the family?
  • What happens to the company if I file a lawsuit?
  • If shareholder oppression litigation is in my future, how should I prepare for it?
  • If I file a suit and get fired because of it, will a court prevent my termination?

This seminar is free of charge, but space is limited. Click here to learn more and register.