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Business Owner Rights: What Every Shareholder Should Know

David C. Roberts, a Member of Norris McLaughlin, P.A., is pleased to present a seminar for all business owners that will answer many of the questions, both known and unknown, a shareholder would have, such as:

  • What, exactly, is “shareholder oppression?”
  • How do I remedy oppression?
  • Are my rights limited by a shareholder agreement or an operating agreement?
  • Does a member of an LLC have the same minority rights as a shareholder in a corporation?
  • Does a 50% owner have the same rights as a minority owner?
  • What limits, if any, exist regarding the majority owner’s compensation?
  • What is the potential difficulty in proving ownership?
  • What records am I allowed to demand? How can I get them?
  • How do I find a valuation expert to value my shares?
  • Is there value in hiring a forensic accountant to review the company’s books?
  • What are my rights if I have been fired as an employee, but they won’t pay me for my shares?
  • What should I do if I believe my business partner is stealing from me?
  • What happens if my company is family owned? If I sue a close relative, can I justify it to the rest of the family?
  • What happens to the company if I file a lawsuit?
  • If I file a suit and get fired because of it, will a court prevent my termination?
  • If shareholder oppression litigation is in my future, how should I prepare for it?

The seminar will be on Thursday, March 29, at Molly Pitcher Inn in Red Bank, NJ, scheduled as follows:

Registration & Breakfast 8:30–9:00 a.m.
Program 9:00–10:00 a.m.
Questions & Answers 10:00–10:30 a.m.

For registration information, please click here.