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May 07, 2021

Are the Costs and Disruptions of Business Divorce Litigation Worth It?

Nobody looks forward to litigation, as the costs of both time and money can be extreme. And business divorce litigation can be terribly disruptive to the company the owners are fighting over. Consequently, majority owners often do not take threats of litigation seriously. » Read More

Mar 16, 2021

Business Divorce Attorneys Often Must Help Their Clients Navigate the Emotions of Inter-Family Litigation

Shareholder dispute litigation is often called business divorce litigation. So, if you are involved in such a fight, you need a business divorce attorney to help guide you through the interpersonal, or inter-family, aspects of your case as well as the legal ones. » Read More

Mar 18, 2019

Minority Shareholders Don’t Always Have a Right to Information

There appears to be an uptick in the filing of meritless corporate shareholder and LLC member oppression claims in New Jersey.  Not everything that majority shareholders do that upsets a minority owner is worth spending legal fees to pursue.

When the only allegations one can make are a failure to keep an absentee shareholder fully informed of all business transactions, and a failure to obtain that minority shareholder’s consent to such transactions, that alone is rarely a recipe for successful litigation.  » Read More

Nov 29, 2011

You Can Pay a Lawyer a Little Now, or a Lot Later

When you started your company all those years ago, you were certain you didn’t need a Shareholders’ Agreement (or, in the case of an LLC, an Operating Agreement). An attorney would have charged you more than you wanted to pay at the time to draft one (as they usually do), and after all, you trusted your business partner (back then). » Read More